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Blend | Production process | Tasting notes

This blend has a multi-varietal composition that gives it a unique and harmonious personality.

Frantoio (35%):

Arbequina (35%):

Leccino (10%):

Coratina (10%):

Arbusana (10%):

fruited, harmonious, stable oil. This oil is like Cabernet Sauvignon in wine: very elegant and balanced. It is the hallmark of Tuscan oil.

very harmonious, simple and sweet with good colour and normally with aromas of green almonds.

slightly bitter, with a very attractive green colour, good fruit and great stability. It sometimes reveals woody notes on tasting, which is a feature and not a defect.

stable, with good levels of bitterness and spice, very fruity and with a high polyphenol content. Used mainly in blends, it adds an Italian touch to the tasting.

stable, with a particular aroma of bananas and good colour. It is balanced, bitter and slightly spicy. This is a very special variety with great potential among varietal oils.


Blend | Production process | Tasting notes

For the preparation of this extra virgin class olive oil, harvesting is carried out by hand between the months of June and July. The olives are picked and transported to the press on the same day, where Italian technology is used which is capable of processing in small lots. This makes it possible to check and adjust the variables that determine a correct process for obtaining high-quality extra virgin oil. A system of cold extraction is used, allowing the maximum aromas and flavours to be obtained.

Blend | Production process | Tasting notes

This is a harmonious oil, rounded and very pleasant, characterised by intense green aromas and sensations of a fresh, new oil, with notes of green apples, artichokes and fresh herbs. In the mouth it offers green fruit of average intensity, with a pleasant spicy tang that lingers in the mouth, enhancing and adding complexity to a variety of dishes, from a simple salad to tasty titbits of the highest gastronomic level.

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